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This is our T2. (T1 x T1)

This is a very unique flower. Cured to perfection! It's super smooth and unique.

This flower on the nose is unlike any high CBD strain that I've tried to date. I don't even know how to describe it. I've asked a few people who are long time cannabis users their opinions and they were stumped too. To me it doesn't smell or taste like the more traditional aromas or flavors of cannabis. I don't get citrus, pine, gas/diesel, sour, skunk, earthy, or berry from this flower. Maybe some sort of random spice that you'd find in your grandmother's cupboard? It's mild on the nose but quite unique and pleasant. If it makes any sense, it smells almost golden to me.

Flowers will come with a medium - light trim.

Most of our flowers this season are on the smaller side. Expect bud size to be in the .5-1g range.

Although this product may look and smell like Marijuana, it is in fact industrial hemp as defined in the Agricultural Act of 2018. This flower contains less than .3% delta-9-THC and has passed all compliance tests to certify it as hemp.

Our flowers were grown in compliance of section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Act.

These flowers do contain a very small amount of THC which may cause a positive drug test. Use at your own risk if failing a drug screening is a concern to you.



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